Lenovo ThunkPad X1 have much excellence and excess

Lenovo launches new ThinkPad series, the ThinkPad X1, Though thin, this laptop reliable performance. Another plus is the rapid charging. To charge the laptop up to 80 percent, it takes just 30 minutes, "Rapid Charge Battery to combine elements that can be filled quickly with 1,000 cycles lasting batteries designed for three years. By buying an external slice battery, battery life can be increased up to 10 hours . That is not less cool, X1 ThinkPad screen made ​​from Gorilla Glass. With material that will not scratch the screen completely when in contact with coins, keys, or nails. ThinkPad X1 is equipped with a HiDef Camera, Dolby Stereo Sound supported, and microphone. "This supports the conference activities, for example using Skype," Another advantage ThinkPad X1 is the keyboard backlight. In addition, the laptop is also equipped with noise dampening so that when typing while doing the conference, the speaker will not hear the voice of the keyboard.

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