SI iCleaner M800 can clean dirt and dust

Robot-made Micro-Star International (MSI) will help you and work alone clean up crumbs or other small impurities. Without the required supervised, thank wrong. That's the advantage of round-shaped robot iCleaner MSI M800. dust cleaning robot is one interesting product. Not only because of its simple and not too large size (diameter 300 mm), but also the cleverness explore all corners of the floor of the house. ICleaner MSI M800 features a "mouth"that would suck dry dirt on the floor or carpet automatically. With the nullification of 5 cm, he was able to sneak under the couch or under the bed unattended. Each time you hit the wall or other object, M800 stops and moves back and forth looking for a more spacious room. At around that these devices menyalan two small broom spinning at lower body. Coins or other objects larger than the vacuum holes will not enter into the machine so the machine remain durable.

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