Long time no hear, Blogger.com reported dead can not be accessed.

When the activity of blogging became popular a few years ago, Blogger.com service was dominant especially since Google bought the blog and provide users with a subdomain name in front of the Blogspot.com domain. Long time no hear, Blogger.com reported dead can not be accessed.
Pasukat Milala, author of Kompasiana reported on Friday (05/13/2011) This morning, the web address of the blog service can not be accessed. The page is usually used to login will only display the words "Blogger is currently unavailable." Below the text there is information "Bloggers are not available at this time. We apologize for any disruption of service."
Visitors front page Blogger.com was also advised to visit the Blogger Status page for additional details. However, in the courtyard were found for additional information because there are only displayed, "Forgive us, but we were unable to complete your request."
New information can be obtained from Forum Blogger Support. There are many reports about the existence of Blogger is not available. From Blogger Forum Support many also report not just Blogger.com pages that can not be accessed, but some of them reported that their blog pages also can not function. In addition, there is also a report that last post they lost after the events of Blogger is not available.
"We're sorry because users can not write on Blogger right now. We tengha make improvements since last night and the results, writings and comments of all users created after hours of 07:37 PDT on May 11, 2011 removed. Again, we apologize for the incident this and our engineers bekerjakeras to restore normal conditions and Blogger to restore back posts and comments, "wrote one blogger on behalf of the team.

source:  kompas

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