Nielsen is perhaps worth considering the owner to hold a promotional product.

Nielsen's latest recommendations issued this may be worth considering to hold a promotional product owner. According to the survey agency, social media like Facebook, Twitter, and blogs have now become the main reference source consumers to choose products that will be purchased.

"Social media have an increasingly powerful influence to make a choice to shop," said Charles Buchwalter, chairman and chief executive of Nielsen Online Japan, as reported by AFP, Review of online media becomes a credible reference after recommendations from friends and family.

Nilesen recorded an average of three out of four people access the Internet had visited a service such as social networking, microblogging, and blogs and other services. They spend time on social media services an average of six hours a month. The three most popular websites most visited is Facebook, Wikipedia, and YouTube.

Particularly in the Asia Pacific region where the research was done, the recommendations of the online media have the most impact on people's decision to buy electronic products, cosmetics, cars, and meals. "Social media is in sight and must diperhatiakn seriously by the wider business community," said Megan Clarken, managing director of Nielsen Asia Pacific online business.

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