Me-Chat features a solution for instant conversations via text form in blackberyy messanging

Use instant messenger (IM) or chat media could be the highest compared with other features on mobile phones. While the use of SMS is higher than the IM, particularly among mobile phone users locally. Look at the SMS traffic is still quite high. Users like this are easier to use SMS in addition to the factors that increasingly cheap rates.
But really, they had no other choice like chatting. "It's because they do not know what it is chatting," said Anthony A. Susanto, General Manager of PT Max Interactives Technologies. Several times, the man who was familiarly called Toni is doing a survey to a small town, and met with local mobile phone users who did not understand the term chat.
In fact, the use of mobile phones among these is quite high. They did a lot of contact with relatives, even those working abroad though. "As a result, they can not send each other pictures, sounds, or even a video," said Toni.
To overcome the limitations of communication via SMS text that's kind, the company is preparing a feature called Me-Chat. This service is injected only for China-made mobile phone that uses MTK operation system. Later, the local mobile-phone it will have its own chat feature.
What are the menus available?

¨ * Search Friend of the phonebook.
¨ * Friend List and Chat List.
¨ * Emoticon that can move.
¨ * Send photos (ME-Pix or ME-Share).
¨ * Send audio, including voice record (ME-audio).
¨ * delivery status information such as D (Delivered), R (Received), S (Send), and! (Failed to Send).
¨ * Facebook and Twitter up to date (status as a friend).
¨ * Manage the history and setting.
¨ * ME-Translater (English, Indonesian, Spanish, Thai, Mandarin).
¨ * ME-Mail to read mail from one account.
¨ * ME-Pix (ME-Share) to share photos.
It is expected that China-made mobile phone users can do the same as a mid-high end mobile phones.

source: kompas

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