Duke Nukem Forever, which was developed by Gearbox Software,

Currently, gamers in the world are waiting for the launch of the game shooting with the first perspective (FPS), Duke Nukem Forever, which was developed by Gearbox Software, which is on June 10, 2011. The game will be released for the computer, Playstation 3 and XBOX 360. On the one hand, all can not wait to see the star action video game that also referred to as an icon of violence, and sex so often perceived as harassment to women.
At the same time there are fears that the game was again end up like his predecessor, failed to be released and lost not a trace. This game is a sequel of its predecessor, Duke Nukem 3D, released in 1996 and scored a huge success. Cultivation of the sequel has been inaugurated since 1997 but somehow always hampered production so that developers from 3D Realms change to Gearbox Software. Sequels are often a joke video game developers are always called it a game that was never completed work on.
The same thing happened when the cultivation of Duke Nukem Forever near perfect. Some people are pessimistic that the character was distinctively cropped blond hair and wearing sunglasses can be re-greet the fans. All seemed to think that Duke Nukem is a curse, the title game that will never finish work on.
President of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchfork, try brushed it off. In a video released by his side, bearded and bespectacled man was convincing everyone that the title of Duke Nukem just a step before being packed to be circulated internationally. "This game is entering a period of preparation before it is played for all platforms, it is the last phase in the production of a game," he said.
Standing back a promotional picture Duke Nukem Forever, Randy appoint two dates are listed there, 10 June to international distribution and 14 June for distribution in North America.
In fact, Randy revealed that a demo of this game will be released on June 3, although limited to just new. Access is given to players who have a "First Access" or privilege that obtained for the ordering of this game first.
What can be done now is to count down until the sequel to Duke Nukem is back after a nearly 14-year coma. This game is getting ratings from Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) with M aka adult (mature) as therein described the blood and violence, intense violence, coarse language, mature humor, nudity, adult content, through the use of alcohol or drugs.

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