Research In Motion Ltd. (RIM) withdraw or recall as many as 1,000 tablets BlackBerry Playbook from the market.

Withdrawal must be done because it found errors in the software component (software) after a month of launch.

Ontario-based company in this state, the BlackBerry product tablet, found the operating system problems that ultimately make the software do not run correctly. Fortunately, most of these products still exist in the hands of distributors and not much in circulation in the hands of consumers. RIM said it will replace the problematic devices with a better device.

RIM really started to aggressively sell the product tablets after the BlackBerry smartphone continues to slowing demand. On the other hand, RIM also cut its profit target this year as slowing demand for smartphones. Withdrawal of the product to be a setback for RIM in selling the tablets when ambition is to overtake its main competitor is Apple's iPad and tablets based on Android.

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