sea ​​ice will melt due to global warming

A recent report from Australia says that sea levels will experience increasing up to one meter over a century in the future due to global warming. Increase in sea water is feared to push a huge flood became more frequent. Climate commission first said in a statement from the governments of Australia, as quoted by the Straits Times
 This report is evidence that the Earth's surface temperature increased sharply, in which the last 10 years the hottest temperature record in history. As expected, the effects of greenhouse gases from various industries is a major cause Earth's temperature rise, sea temperature and sea level rise. Professor Will Steffen from the Australian Climate Commission to give this report to a number of scientists in the field of climate and the State Meteorological Agency and academics Kangaroo. However, several assessments in the report, including rising sea levels, is the analysis itself. Although this figure is higher than the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change in 2007, which is still below 0.8 meters, this prediction is similar to the UN analysis which claims even if the increase is still higher.

source: okezone

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