SmartQ Internet Tablets made ​​in China requires a reliable network, stable, and fast

Telecommunications world increasingly widen the "wing" is not only the communications sector by voice or text. The combination of telecommunications and the Internet will be interesting trend in the years ahead.
voice and data traffic in late 2010 by mobile users generate more than 3.7 billion gigabytes. Five years later, in 2015, is expected to reach 20.4 billion gigabytes.
Jake Saunders, vice president for the Forecast, a research institute at the event Huawei Asia Pacific CTO Forum held in Hong Kong fourth, the other day said, "In 2012, about 2.6 billion gigabytes for the network traffic generated in the Asia Pacific region will exceed the combined total mobile network traffic from Eastern Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa. " Everyone loves a smart phone and the convenience offered such as sending e-mail, installing the game application, access to Facebook, and follow their favorite movie star gossip on Twitter. "
If you see an increase in this traffic, it seems the operators (along with his supporters) need to make optimal preparation. Therefore, the use of mobile industry has revealed significant changes. Huawei sees growth in mobile internet desperately need the availability and coordination between the terminals, pipelines, and the cloud platform that also was becoming a trend.
No wonder the President LTE Network Product Line Huawei Technologies ups, Weimin Ying, said that without it all, a product called smart phone or internet tablets will only be a tool or an expensive toy adults only. In other words, its function can not be used optimally.
"The industry is facing a future of mobile broadband a thorough transformation. Services cloud computing will increase. Meanwhile, consumers need a stable service and mobility. Therefore, the industry must be able to cope with consumer demand and accommodate the increasing mobile broadband services up to 500 times,"

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