Up a very high value turns out to cause problems for the up-stricken exodus of employees

The success up in a relatively short time has become a phenomenon after Google's successful dotcom companies. Founded in 2004, within just seven years, Facebook has surpassed many expectations that the ability of social media in changing Internet user preferences.
In those seven years is a lot of success achieved up. Among members who are approaching 650 million people, a very large number. Not only that, the familiar name up everywhere and changing the style of life of many people even participated in several revolutions in several countries. In short if you do not have an account up as out of date.
Now, the value has risen 700 percent up when not doing an IPO. A lot of people or investors who are interested to buy the stock up. In fact Google even if it does not have Microsoft in the register of shareholders even pick up just 1.3 percent stake, will try to buy up at all cost.
Up a very high value turns out to bring up problems for itself. Now up-stricken exodus of employees who busy-busy out of Facebook. Not only regular employees. According to reports Businessinsider.com, several top officials up top-level managers have also come out from up in recent weeks.
Let's see their list as follows. First, Jim Midgal, Facebook director of business development. Second, Marcel Laverdet, one of three employees up who was recruited by up due to hacking of the site up in 2005. The result of such hacking is all the profiles on Facebook looks like a profile on MySpace. Third, Jonathan Heiliger, vice president of technical architecture
Actually exodus of employees up this is not the first time. In 2008 and 2009 and up also experience the same thing when they hired a new COO from Google, Sheryl Sandberg. The equation of the second event is the employee who has been working out on Facebook at least four years for those who may be a time that is long enough to work on Facebook.

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