Views sporty Honda Civic Type-R

vehicle with alluring looks and performance yahud become everyone's dream. It can be found under the Honda Civic Type-R that has been formulated by tuning workshop under the auspices of the Mugen Honda.

The exterior was built with color cast WHITE, CAR is famous for its high performance is also increasingly emit keagresifannya. Instantly body kits Civic body wrap so it looks better. Starting from the front spoiler, side-skirts to the rear spoiler and rear wing adoption.

Views sporty increasingly thick carbon fiber packing with some part of them on the front grill part rear wing. In addition, carbon materials are also covered under the hood, like a box of water filters and cylinder cover. To be more harmonious with the outside appearance of the brake calipers too dibalur bright red.

Completing the sporty appearance of the exterior, then the wheels alerts Mugen 8Jx18 be the solution. This wheel was immediately wrapped with Bridgestone Potenza RE070 rubber round 225/40R18.

When the turn to the cabin, the smell of black dominated red blend. It can be visited on the red door trim and maintain the black color on the dashboard. The original seat was sidelined and replaced with a model made ​​of carbon fiber racing a 7 kg lighter than the original model. This seat design also supports the view sporty Civic interior colors are dynamic.

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