Akrapovic exhaust in great demand among bikers

Akrapovic exhaust model more and more enthusiasts. exhaust makers mostly from Sweden is not only unique but highly prioritized for use in motor dikendaraan is not only loved by sportbike riders and race teams only. Bike Exif company said it will develop a custom chopper motorcycle with Akrapovic exhaust. In the process of development, Bike Exif working with partners who also came from Slovenia is Dreamachine Motorcycles. Morsus chopper is armed with the S & S engine and has a capacity of 1.852 cc 114hp power can be developed using a modified Akrapovic exhaust. Of course, with the help of a six-speed manual transmission system. In addition to the exhaust Morsus also experienced such changes in eye-popping features, carbon 26-inch alloy wheels, teardrop mirrors and 3D triangles. This project is a big challenge for me. I really like the work of Igor Akrapovi and I want to reconcile the world of both racing and custom motorcycle.

Akrapovic exhaust video:
source: okezone.

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