Replication unique shape BMW K 1600 GTL made ​​of wood material

Form of luxury BMW K 1600 GT / GTL to impress an artist from Ukraine. named Vyacheslav Voronovich that makes these motors replica with wood base materials. K 1600 GT / GTL wood version has a size ratio of 1:12. Wooden replica has several components that are tailored to the original. As the back that serves also as the original variant. In addition, the wheels can rotate and, adjustable handlebars, and windshield can be raised just like on the original motors. Artists create a replica of the wood is very possible and also functional. Including, rear shock absorbers made ​​by bending wood using heat. The same way used in six pipe exhaust. Most of the material components of the motor is made of ash trees, while the dash and the BMW logo and made ​​of mahogany. Suspension, frame windshield and headlights are made ​​of beech trees.

source: okezone

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