Mazda2 is using the technology SKYACTIV

                                                                                                                                                                                          The latest facelift version of Mazda Demio or outside Japan WHO Called the Mazda2 has been allowed to be ordered (pre-order) starting today in Japan. The official launch Ison 30 June. According to Mazda Motor Corporation (MMC), the car is equipped with Mazda's latest technology SKYACTIV Called. As a result, fuel consumption is claimedto reach 30.0 km / liter. However, with the latest Japanese JC08 test method, the result is 25.0 km / liter. The new Mazda Demio is the first product uses technology andcalled That 13-SKYACTIV SKYACTIV. That is, the 1300 cc petrol engine uses directinjection system with compression ratio 14.0: 1. According to Mazda, this is a gasolineengine with the highest compression ratio in the world today.

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