GG Taurus engine powered by BMW engine

Swiss company Grueter and Gut Technik (GG) with BMW to build a similar motor with a Taurus. Hammerhead vehicle carrying trike 1293cc BMW engine, four-cylinder. Big bore units capable of developing 175 bhp at 9250 rpm and torque of 140 Nm at 8250 rpm. coupled with the transmission 6 percepatang. In contrast to the Can-Am Spyder, the gearbox has been fitted with reverse gear. The Taurus has an empty weight of 397kg without fuel or rider. The fuel tank holds 34 liters to increase the coverage distance. CG and BMW claims the motor tricycle is to achieve the maximum speed of up to 220km/jam (137 mph). Front suspension setup is designed like a car, with trapezium cross made ​​of aluminum. Part fully adjustable rear suspension to absorb shock with maximum .. Equipped with twin 270mm front disc brakes and a single 284mm rear disc. Wheel size large 17-inch front and 19 inches in the rear ring. GG also has a four-wheel vehicle and Quadster GG GG Quad. Unfortunately the two variants are difficult to get a place in the country laina. CG GG Quad is supported by the BMW R1150 engine Quadster Boxer and supported by units of the BMW K1300.

source: okezone

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