tricks to avoid a blocked account google adsense

  • Always Clear your cookies before starting to work with each user.AND people add your url engienes every search like yahoo .. google .. ask .. bing .. msn .. etc. and if the exchange with someone let him visit your site from search engiene ...because it is more is safe  
  • Do not take more than 3 ads at a time from one clicker. (2 or 1 is always better) 
  • Always do impressions through the mail do not. refresh the page. 
  • if you do with a single click, take a minimum of clicks with him again after 7 days. 
  • Maintain Page ctr below 10% 
  • For search ads better not use the arrow keys. Whether to display a new ad impressions. 
  • Do not click continuously in 1hr. Take click at different times in one day. (Best one 2 Clickers can be taken in 1HR) 
  • Do not often log into your account. 3 times weekly is good.

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