Multistrada 1200 set a new standard motorcycle market

Multistrada 1200 Special Edition is a pretty successful variant for Ducati. Multistrada 1200 set a new standard for the motorcycle market with the development of technological innovation, by combining the four motors in a single principle. Ducati Multistrada 1200 previous versions equipped with ride-by-wire technology, such as the Ducati Traction Control (DTC), Electronic Suspension Ducati (DES) which can be arranged sesaui with great needs. Motorists can set the driving force such as tandem or are carrying goods. The Italian manufacturer is purposely designed a new suspension devices with electronic adjustable suspension. Devices suspension new motor that is integrated with the active traction control, Antilock braking system and electronic control units. Users have a choice of four modes Multistrada suspension, sport, touring, urban and enduro, which can stimulate the motor according to the track. Multistrada 1200 capable of producing 150 horsepower power at 9.250 rpm and torque of 118.7 Nm at 7.500 rpm. Multistrada 1200 cc is a sixth generation. The first generation was launched in 2003 with engines of 1,000 cc. In 2006 Ducati launched the new variant 1,100 cc engine.

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