Cadillac's first nuclear-powered cars

car manufacturers make cars with nuclear power, as expressed by scientists at Germany's nuclear technology was not new in the automotive industry. Even General Motors Cadillac ever showcase concepts with technology "World Thorium Fuel Concept" at the Chicago Auto Show 2009. But, because the less popular, the technology is sinking. Now, scientists from research firm Laser Power System in Sturbridge, the United States is researching new turbine technology-driven laser from thorium compounds. Thorium is an iron compound with the content of mid-level radioactive atom weighs 90 and dinilaitak harmful to humans in small quantities. Thorium is used lasers produce heat, the turbine and turn a generator for producing electricity. Energy that is the source of an electric motor driving the car. So that low-level radioactive substances contained in the Thorium was released into the air, given a system of aluminum layer. Scientist at Laser Power Systems said, 8gram Thorium is used in every car can be used to drive with mileage 300,000 Miles or 482,803.2 miles.


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