Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S produces quality 3D images

Sony Ericsson Smartphone output image with 3D effects, namely Sony Ericsson's latest Xperia Arc's able to take 3D images and can be viewed on 3D televisions are compatible with this phone. In principle, a cell phone camera is only capable of displaying images in two-dimensional and not able to produce 3D video output. But the camera found on the latest phones from Sony Ericcson is capable of taking pictures and merangkainya with a 3D effect that looks like a real 3D image. Sony Ericsson's latest smartphone output is equipped with operating systems from Google Android 2.3, so it is faster in browsing the web. In addition, the phone also has a 4.2 inch screen and a camera of 8.1 megapixels. Each 3D image generated by Arc's Xperia mobile phone, can be viewed by connecting the phone to the 3D TV using HDMI output, in particular the resulting picture can be seen with this phone using the Sony Bravia TV. The Sony Ericsson say that there are processors in the Ars S at 1.4 GHz and is 25 percent larger than previous generations of Arc.

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  1. i have this phone for two months now.. after i buy i automatically update on the internet.. and i download this free antivirus (avg).. until now my phone showing no problem at all.. cant wait for the next upgrade icecream sandwich 4.0