Audi R8 will deliver a facelift version next year

In addition, the German car manufacturer has also been preparing for a second-generation sports sedan was launched end of 2014. The advantages of a sports sedan production kupe coded "R8 NF" is present in significant weight reduction.

Audi uses the structure of hybrid materials aluminum and carbon fiber. As told by Michael Dick, Audi's Head of Development that the combination of two materials have durability and better performance, and certainly requires a larger fund. The concept, says Michael is a bit different from the Lamborghini Aventador that overall use of carbon fiber in his body monokok. Italian car so it is claimed that the lightest, at this time.

Weight reduction is performed on the Audi R8 not only on the body, but also reducing the weight of the chassis, suspension, and engine components that use magnesium materials and electronic devices that allow wireless technology. Transmission system will use a dual-clutch.


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