The cleaning procedure on the Peripheral Component Computer

To make cleaning the components on the PC must go through certain means or procedures. Between one component with another component that is different so it has its own rules of order or in the method of cleaning. Here are several PC components that need to be treated:

  • Casing can be likened to a building or home, from a computer, so that the strength and beauty of a computer is physically located on the PC casing. In case there is usually a PC power supply, fan and LED indicators and switches or buttons, power and reset buttons. Problems that often occur in case the computer is dust carried by the fan casing itself or insect nests. Besides the dung may also interfere with the beauty of a bad actor on the fan and other components on the motherboard. So it needs regular cleaning. The tools used to clean the computer's case simply by brush or vacuum cleaner with a mini. To the point to note especially the front wiring easily separated due to the beat, especially on the wires to the switch. At the back that need to be cleaned is on the vents or the fan. Because this is where all gather dust due to wind gusts brought by fan.

  • CD-Rom or CD-RW is a common tool used today to read and write data to a CD. CD-Rom and CD-RW is a component that is very cheap compared with the data can be stored. Problems that often interfere with the CD-Rom and CD-RW is located on the optical or lens. Steps used to clean the optics or lens from dust or other debris is to use a CD cleaner. The working principle is similar to the CD cleaner disk cleaner, only just a different shape.
          Cleaning steps are as follows:
  1. Operate a computer system
  2. Insert the CD cleaner,
  3. CD cleaner will turn around and brush or fins attached to the disk or optical disc or the lens will brush on a CD-Rom or CD-RW.

  • Hard disk is an important component in a computer, because the operating system and all programs and data stored on the hard disk. Hard disks are easily damaged goods. To perform the treatment in terms of hardware and software. For treatment of the hard disk of the hardware side, need to add a fan to reduce heat on the hard disk. Fan is highly recommended for hard disk with a speed of 7200 rpm upwards. Also note the data cable settings for air circulation can run smoothly. For maintenance of the software side, enough with the tools you have available when installing the operating system. Tool includes scandisk, and disk defragmenter. In addition to these tools there is also a tool used to perform low-level format. Low level format is used to reconfigure the settings on the hard disk head covering, cylender, and sectors. Low level format is the format of the physical aspect. For each brand the hard disk has a separate program for low-level format. To use traditional Seagete SGATFMT4 brands, using the Quantum zerrofill or zdisk, maxtor with mud and for western digital with wd_diag. Scandisk is a tool used to check file system structure, the location table file (file allocation table), and be able to determine whether there is bad sectors. ScanDisk will run automatically every start if the computer does not shut down properly or electrical failure. Disk Defragmenter is a tool that is used to regulate the structure or layout of the file so that it will reduce the fragmentation of a hard disk space. Disk Defragmenter should be done regularly this will improve system performance and hard disk space. Here's an example of the process of disk defragmentation, can be seen the difference before and after a disk defragmenter.
  • VGA card or display adapter is often called a computer component that functionalized to process the graph to be displayed to the screen. The problem that often timbull the VGA card is overheating, so as to reduce excessive heat to note its heatsink and fan. As her treatment needs to be done cleaning from dust or other impurities. To clean the fan and heatsink with a brush small enough for the fan on the VGA card is too small, so it must be adjusted to the size of its fan. In addition it is often problematic on the VGA card fan noisy or loud sounds. This problem is rooted in fan that is not tight or fan rotation is unstable. It can also be caused by the fan base is not strong so it can not sustain a good fan. To overcome this can be done by cleaning, and tighten the fan with a position appropriate to their position.

  • RAM is the primary component in a computer. RAM acts as temporary storage on the system. Its small large RAM capacity depending on the needs of the system to be used by the program. The bigger the capacity the faster RAM and stable program is run. RAM various kinds of which are still outstanding are as follows:EDO RAM (often found in older computers and start rarely found), SDRAM, DDR SDRAM, and RDRAM. Between the different types of physical form and pad slot motherboard. RAM needs to be done with care to keep it working optimally. Disturbances in the RAM is located on the connector or the legs, where if the RAM is often removed and untouched by the hands can cause corrosion and even RAM can be damaged by static electricity.

  • Power supply is the heart of a computer, because all sources of electrical power from the computer components supplied from the power supply. Power supply to function convert AC current into DC current to be distributed to the various components on the computer. Power ranges from 150 watts power supply to 350 watts.

  • CPU (Central Processing Unit) This component is the brain of the computer, processor speed and intelligence depends on the speed (in units of Hz). The processor speed is expanding rapidly to date has reached 3:04 GHZ.Prosessor require conditioning is extra. Prossessor cooler consists of heatsink and cooling fan. Processors are the most heat, so need to be monitored at all times. For treatment of the processor is to notice the layout of the fan so that air can rotate smoothly. Then the processor fan should be selected with a high spin (minimum of 5400 rpm) and also need to choose a heatsink with good heat conducting material, such as copper and aluminum. If you often forget to remove the processor do not always apply silicon grease to the heat delivery more smoothly.
The motherboard is the place of all computer components installed. Motherboard is used to connect between the components with one another. Between the motherboard with one another differently depending on the chipset used in the motherboard. Features offered by the motherboard is very diverse ranging from onboard soundcard, onboard LAN, onboard VGA and many other features. The more features of the motherboard, the more heat generated by the motherboard. The treatment is performed on the motherboard is to keep the temperature of the motherboard, which is the smooth circulation of air in the system. Because the motherboard where the various components of the tersambungnya cables connected to the cable fastened with a binder, but will add a neat also will make a smooth air circulation. To interference from dust and insect nests sufficiently cleaned with a brush or vacuum cleaner mini by adjusting the size of the brush at a narrow angle, not to interfere with the components installed, such as RAM and CPU.

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