Baby SLS will use twin-turbo engine bar

Baby SLS emergence of this information directly conveyed by Christoph Jung, Director of the Division of Development and Performance of AMG to Auto Express. "There is still room for the AMG model under the SLS, to compete with the Porsche 911.

Further, Baby SLS will use a new twin-turbo engine. Jung added the success of SLS with gullwing doors - in the UK are sold 1680.000 pounds (Rp2, 331 billion) - as evidenced by sales since Commencing the first in 2009 reached 5,000 units worldwide. Instead continue berkembangan with Roadsternya version. AMG was given the freedom to develop products and separate from the parent of Mercedes-Benz.

"It's important to develop our brand. See Porsche 911, a huge success! They do an excellent job over the years. Now, SLS has proved our success. Porsche is now seen as a competitor AMG. Our votes can make a supersport cars. "

Two Seats
Although the new sports car is still an early stage, Jung leaked some details. Among other things, the cabin two places, V8 engine mounted in front. "Must be V8. This is a legacy and our customers expect, "

Engine capacity, 5.5-liter twin-turbo 500 PS generate energy, motion of the rear wheels, 7-speed transmission with double clutch. Ability to sprint 0-100 km / h in just 4 seconds and be able to speed up 300 kph.


  1. wah dari semua mobil yang terlihat disini saya tertarik dengan Baby SLS.. Cute and so sad because cost a very expensive..

  2. @fazri: thank you for your comment to my blog,,SLS is very nice car and looks good, price is also quite expensive

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