Mercedez Benz E350 car modify


If you already have a Mercedes-Benz E350, for those of you who have a car of Mercedes Benz E350 ngetrend it feels like to modify the car is becoming more attractive to the automotive world and various changes can be made ​​on the German luxury car. That's what Hess Motorsports underlie a variety of accessories make modifications for the Mercedes-Benz E350. With the addition of various accessories, E350 Mercy's face was immediately implies something different. Impression of elegance that is still radiated an aura of sportiness conspires with the upset of his body.

Actually modification accessories Hess Motorsports prepared quite simple. Accessories company based in the United States is offering some accessories for the appearance of a supporter of Mercy E350. So if you want to dress up, accessories from Hess is like a jewelry supporting performances.

Accessories are the focus of perfecting the exterior of the vehicle. Front bumper that has a sporty design coupled to the rear spoiler is directly able to make this car look so fierce.

While black rims 6 bolt the legs were also shown to make this car look to attract attention. Rim size of 20 inches was then in favor by Eibach Pro suspension and low-profile tires wrapped Michelin PS2.

And to add a sense of mystery, the car was then dibalur by shiny black paint which was then still made dark by LLumar window film on every window.


  1. Was Here, I Like this Car, Very Nice :)

  2. What an exciting experience!/Hilarious! Delightful! True!/wonderful stuff! thank you! MERCEDES E350 Melbourne

  3. @Remix-7:thanks for the comments,, i like it Mercedes-Benz E350,
    @magi : MERCEDES E350 very nice, modifications and styles for young children who have this car is perfect

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