Ford display 7 Ford Focus that has been modified by 3dCarbon

Ford had something to enliven auto show SEMA Show in Las Vegas that will last two more weeks. Manufacturers located in Deaborn will feature of the model gahar to the light and the old to model concepts.

But, the most appealing, displaying 7 Ford Ford Focus that has been modified by 3dCarbon, Roush Performance products, The ID Agency, Capaldi Racing, Steeda, Bojix Design, and Cobb Tuning. All hatchback it has other performance characteristics itudan a different look.

"All this hatachback setiasp personalize aspects of community life," said Mike Murphy, Ford C-Car Marketing Manager. At SEMA, Mike Focus continued to be unique because it was displayed to the standard conditions.

In addition to the Focus, Ford Fiesta is also offering three models are handled by M2-Motoring, the Gold Coast Automotive, and Aaron Vaccar. In addition, it will also be introduced racing engines and 1964-1966 Classic Mustang.

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