Pulse renault will be produced again with V-platform style


Pulse renault produced by V-platform, similar to Nissan Micra (March). Machines are offered 1.2-liter gasoline and 1.5 liter diesel, also from the Micra. So, Pulse is aMicra with another figure. Dimensions and part of the same cabin design with the Micra. The difference is only on the dashboard and steering wheel rim.
Informed also, Renault Pulse positioned above the Micra. To that end, small cars are equipped with more features so the price is more expensive. Features offered include automatic air conditioning, open the door without a key (keyless entry), the start button, dual airbags, ABS, audio control on steering wheel, rear glasspembesih, demister and sport rims.
Pulse will be available early next year, in New Delhi Auto Expo, January 2012, as well as its inaugural launch in India. Renaut target in the first year, it could sell 6,000 unitsper month.

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