Environmentally friendly cars mitsubishi PX-MiEV II and Global Small Car

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation at least have a whiz with cars face looks different and more power, this car was developed in the direction of pure electric motor technology. As a sweetener and a differentiator, the PX-MiEV II underwent a change in the dimensions of the larger outside mirrors, headlights and grille with the latest design is more futuristic and sporty. Rim also has a new design with carbon fiber material that serves to slightly reduce the total weight of the vehicle and not burdensome on the car so the vehicle lighter and environmentally friendly. Mitsubishi crossover equip it with the 2.0-liter 4-cylinder gasoline combined with dual electric motors placed in the front and rear wheels, electric powered diasup capability of lithium ion fuel consumption average of 60 km per liter, this car is very friendly technology i environment and does not cause air pollution, because fossil fuels will be reduced from year to year, then in accordance with advances in automotive technology lover in the production of very supportive once the global Mitsubishi producing cars smart car. The second champion, Global Small Car officially named Mirage concept model ever hanging out in the Indonesia International Motor Show, in July 2011. Now, this compact car was approaching the form of mass production and will be positioned as a replacement for the Mitsubishi Colt in the global market.

Mirage is also marketed in Indonesia this would have the ability of the average consumption of 70 mpg or 30 kpl. The price is priced at 1 million yen This car is equipped with new engines 1.0 liter 3-cylinder engine with CVT transmission and a fuel-saving idle-stop technology. So the more efficient.

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