FX-50 cars with blue paint color is more into sports cars

 source : kompas.com

Infiniti has launched FX-50 model edisiterbaru "Sebastian Vettel" with many changes leading to a more elegant form of sport. and not less interesting blue paint on the car menunnjukan sports car that looks sporty and attractive for automotive enthusiasts with a painting bearing the Red Bull car as a billboard to market a particular brand product. Changes in an ordinary car into a sports car that looks at a given front bumper-spoiler lips, side skirts and rear spoiler uses carbon fiber material and other parts.

Infiniti FX50 edition of Sebastian Vettel is to welcome the success of the German rider crown champions for the second time in a row. When Red Bull won the constructors' world championship, Infiniti FX50 launched a limited edition. The difference with Vettel model, the FX50 have introduced Red Bull F1 car pictures numbered starting 1 (Vettel) on both sides.


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