Modification Ferrari 458 by Anderson Germany...

Ferrari 458 is quite extreme. The Italian supercar body components are replaced with carbon fiber and introduced as the Carbon Edition. Ferrari was actually already using carbon fiber to reduce weight at 458. Taking part include carbon fiber front spoiler, fin front bumper, side skirts, rear lip spoiler, front hood water outlets, vents beside the engine, and the front ventilation grille.

  Modifications made to Anderson Germany was not only limited to the exterior. Energy production also tampered. Factory built V8 engine innards were maintained, only the exhaust system replaced and reprogrammed the ECU software to enhance its power. The result, a standard power 562 PS (standard) grow to 623 PS. To maintain good stability when maneuvering and driving at high speeds, the suspension was replaced with a less rigid spec and lower. As a supplier of used maximum traction tire size 255/30 front and 335/25 rear.

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