A3 model Hatchback

One of the German car manufacturer Audi A3 showed a sketch of a third generation in two versions, namely three-door hatchback and sedan models. The first generation Audi A3 was launched in 1996 and lasted until 2003. In 2004 introduced two generations to the present.

For the second Gen III A3 marketed in 2012. Only specially A3 sedan is not different from A3 concept first exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show. Precisely hatchback more appealing because it is Audi's first compact model of the future offers a concise, sharp and dynamic. Not only that. look interesting look at the top take the door, combined with large wheels.

The interior is more prominent than the A3 sedan concept, including the reduction of buttons and switches and the absence of the center console. Instead created a tunnel. In the future it is expected generasio A3 features high berteknologiu as an optional extra, such as including MMI entertainment system with touch-screen model that out from the top of the dashboard.

Information from the inside, perhaps this concept A3 (special Hatchback) will be launched and exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show. After that, following a five-door and sedan variants are designed for American and Chinese markets.

SOURCE: kompas.com

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