Leaf Nissan electric cars a mass-prime experience problems, customers complained that the electric motor can not live Leaf

Leaf-Nissan electric car in the world's first mass-start problem. Nissan Motor Company received several reports from consumers in the United States and Japan, who complained Leaf electric motor can not live.

Nissan complaints made ​​directly to investigate and take immediate steps to overcome them. But Nissan's little careful in determining the next steps to truly know the problems that occur. Up to now, also there is no exact number of how many cars are in trouble in Japan and the U.S..

Inoshita Toshitake Nissan spokesman explained, this problem can occur because of component or program problems. There is a possibility of software (software) on a computerized system.

"When we know the problem, will be decided to campaign service or any other step," said Inoshita, as reported by autobloggreen, yesterday (11 / 4). On the other hand, owners who get car trouble Leaf stated, there is damage to components of air conditioners (air conditioner).
source: kompas.com

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