Audi A8 interior model is the best interior for now

Selection of the best cars have held many automotive magazines in various countries. But for the interior, it may be spelled out very rarely. This time, a special automotive magazine, Ward's, named the 10 cars winning the "Best Interior 2011."
Of the ten vehicles, three from group economical cars, three of the luxury car brand, a sport sedan, minivan, sport utility vehicle, and a family sedan.
Editor In Chief Drew Winter Ward's said that assessment took place from February to March to include 51 vehicles of various makes and models. The interior is completely new and there are only enhanced. Assessment systems Ward's editors not only by looking, but also with direct drive to feel the comfort.
"The car maker recently was so detailed in exploring the interior. Therefore, it is difficult to find an interior that bad. But of course there are the best of this good," explained Drew.
From the results of the assessment, Drew praised the interior of the Audi A8 which has beautiful features, such as high-gloss wood in the back seats with suede inserts on door panels dramatic style. Terrible, persenling lever on the center console also functions as a "lever smart" because it allows the heel of the hand rest.
Still of German products, in addition to Audi, BMW X3 xDrive35i is also considered to successfully integrate the combined black and beige color. Meanwhile, the seats can be folded in a flat and have room enough for five passengers.
10 * Best Interior 2011 Audi A8 * BMW X3 xDrive35i * 2LT RS Chevy Cruze * Dodge Charger Rallye Plus * Ford Focus Titanium * Honda Odyssey Elite * Hyundai Elantra Limited Edition * Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland Summit * Kia Optima EX * Volvo S60 


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