Ducati With Model Paint Kill Me Fast

Ducati launch new sensation who designed the conceptual premises of Denmark, Kristian von Hornsleth, to change the look of the Ducati 1098 and 1198 a sporty become art objects of high value. The amount is calculated finger. Scars painting a rich contemporary style of Hornsleth colors covering the entire body. Meanwhile, on both sides of the Ducati 1098 and 1198 contained the words "Kill Me Fast" inspired after communicating with one of the marketing staff Ducati. meaning of the words were also imaged motorcycle to accelerate from 0-100 km per hour in just three seconds. Hornsleth admitted personally fascinated by the relationship between Italian design and high technology machines in both the motorcycle sport. "This is a blend of beauty, speed, and death," said Hornsleth about his work. The graphics are created, he added, describing the interaction, the effort to find out at once challenged the logic of the existing design on the Ducati. Ducati did not say how much the selling price of this bike. But, from the existing 10 units, some of which are sold through the online trading site eBay and was offered at a price of 70,000 euros.

source: kompas.com

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